Masud Haque

M. Haque
Max-Planck-Institut -- PKS
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D-01187 Dresden
Tel. office +49-351-871-1113
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Research Area

Condensed Matter Theory --- the study of coherence and correlations in many-particle systems.

Primary research themes:

Postdocs interested in working on any of these topics: please contact me by email.

Preprints on cond-mat

Most of my papers are available as preprints on `cond-mat' at

Also: one q-bio preprint

Research Group

My research group currently focuses on non-equilibrium phenomena in quantum systems.

Recent members (2012 -- 2014):

Some recent research topics

Brief descriptions of selected recent research topics.

Junior researchers working with me at MPI-PKS Dresden

(present and past)

Last updated: Febrruary 2015

Wladimir Tschischik    Diplomarbeit student (April 2011 - March 2012);    continuing as PhD student (April 2012 - present)
Working on non-equilibrium dynamics in Bose-Hubbard systems.    (arxiv links:   paper 1,   paper 2,   paper 3 )

Wouter Beugeling    (postdoc)    October 2012 - January 2015.
Working on statisitcal properties of many-body eigenstates, motivated by non-equilibrium dynamics (e.g., Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis). (arxiv links:   paper 1,   paper 2,   paper 3 )

Yulia Shchadilova    (PhD student in Moscow)   
Worked with me during multiple visits to MPI-PKS, from summer 2012 until spring 2014.
Explored:    (1) quench dynamics and work distributions in low-density systems (arxiv link);
(2) low-density versions of Kondo models (arxiv link).

Paolo Mazza    (PhD student)    August 2014 - present.
Working on non-equilibrium dynamics in the XXZ chain.

Shreyoshi Ghosh / Mondal    (postdoc)    September 2012 - December 2013.
Working on non-equilibrium dynamics of the ``impurity screening cloud'' (analog of the Kondo cloud) in impurity models. (arxiv link:   paper 1 )

Eoin Quinn    (postdoc)    August 2013 - summer 2014.
Worked on dynamics of periodically driven 1D Bose gas ( arxiv link )

Vincenzo Alba    (former postdoc in Andreas Laeuchli's group)    October 2010 - September 2012
Worked on entanglement spectra in 1D and 2D lattice systems.    (arxiv links:   paper 1,   paper 2,   paper 3)

Kush Saha    (former PhD student in India)
Visited MPI-PKS September - November 2012 to work with me.
Explored the Bethe ansatz description of edge-related eigenstates of the open-boundary Heisenberg chain. (arxiv link)

Frank Zimmer    (postdoc)    2009-2011.
Worked on non-equilibrium dynamics in condensates. (arxiv link)

Ivana Vidanovic    (at the time: PhD student in Belgrade)   
Visited Dresden for several weeks in 2011.
Worked on non-equilibrium dynamics in spinor condensates (arxiv link)

Weibin Li    (postdoc)    2007-2008.    Worked on vortex dynamics in trapped condensates (arxiv link)

Alexey Mikaberize    (at the time: PhD student in the MPI-PKS Finite Systems Department)    2008.
We did some work on theoretical ecology, not related to my main research.
Based on this work, Alexey moved to a career in theoretical ecology after his PhD in atomic/laser physics.

V. Ravi Chandra and J. Bandyopadhyay    (former postdocs at MPI-PKS)   
Worked with me on entanglement and dynamics in frustrated spin chains (arxiv link)

Ricardo Pinto    (PhD student of Sergej Flach)    2008.
Worked on non-equilibrium dynamics in 1D lattice models. (interaction-induced edge localization)

Summer research projects with undergraduate students from abroad:

Conference on Non-Equilibrium Quantum Systems

Event in Dresden MPI-PKS, three weeks in August 2013:

Seminar & Workshop: Quantum Many-Body Systems Out of Equilibrium


J-S Caux (Amsterdam)
Tilman Esslinger (Zürich)
Corinna Kollath (Geneva/Bonn)

Workshops on Entanglement in Condensed Matter

Seminar & Workshop: Quantum Information Concepts for Condensed Matter Physics

Meeting organized in June 2010.


Ian Affleck (UBC, Canada)
Ulrich Schollwöck (LMU, Munich)

Two weeks, 100+ participants.

Focus Workshop: Entanglement Spectra in Complex Quantum Wavefunctions

Focus workshop, November 12-16, 2012.


B. Andrei Bernevig (Princeton, U.S.A.)
Andreas Läuchli (Innsbruck, Austria)

Curriculum Vitae: (May 2014)

In PDF format

Includes list of publications.

Employment trajectory

Since October 2006, I am a research scientist at the Max-Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (MPI-PKS) in Dresden, Germany.
I am associated with the Condensed Matter Department within MPI-PKS.
Previously, I held a ``Distinguished PKS postdoctoral fellow'' position; one of three such positions at the MPI-PKS.

My first postdoctoral appointment (Nov 2003 -- Sep 2006) was in Utrecht university, the Netherlands, working with Henk Stoof's group, at the Institute for Theoretical Physics,

I did my Ph.D. at the Physics Department in Rutgers University, New Jersey. I was at Rutgers from Fall 1997 till September 2003. I worked with the Rutgers quantum condensed matter group and my PhD advisor was Andrei E Ruckenstein.

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