Martin C. Gutzwiller


Martin C. Gutzwiller died on March 3, 2014.

The Max-Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems has become a scientific home for me. There are various reasons for this development in my life. In first place are the continuing interests in both, strong correlation of electrons in solids and almost any chaotic system in classical and quantum mechanics. There is also a lively program of inviting people from all over the world, who work in these and related areas of physics and whom I have known for long times. The addition of biophysics is very valuable for myself, exactly because I know almost nothing of this field, and I have a chance to talk with patient experts. Also, I have gotten used to spending about half my time in Europe, while still maintaining my residence in New York City, Speaking German, my native language, is a relief even while continuing to use English (and some French) in my professional and private life.
The life of a physicist is not completely revealed by the Curriculum Vitae and the List of Publications, although there are significant details to be found upon closer inspection.