Nonlinear Time Series Analysis

H. Kantz and T. Schreiber


Unfortunately, also the completely revised second edition (completed in 2003, on stock since January 2004) contains some errors. This is the list of all errors known to us together with the corrections.
Page numbers refer to both the paperback and the hardback edition.

Page 221, Eq.(11.26):
h_q(0,P_e)= H_q(1,P_e)

This means simply that H_q(0,P)=0.

Section 12.8, page 267 and following: We forgot to cite the very inspirung paper
"Localized Lypunov exponents abd the prediction of predictability", C. Ziehmann, L.A. Smith, J. Kurths,
Phys. Lett. A 271, 237-251 (2000).

last update: January 6, 2004