Titel: Nano-Quakes on a Chip: Surface acoustic waves in semiconductor physics

Surface acoustic waves on a piezoelectric substrate are accompanied by strong lateral and vertical electric fields that propagate at the speed of sound across the substrates surface. On a semiconductor layered system, these electric fields can be used probe the dynamics of free carriers as confined in a quantum well or to deliberately alter the bandstructure of the employed heterostructure. A combination of both effects can result in devices for high frequency and optical signal processing. In my talk, I will briefly review our activity investigating the interaction between surface acoustic waves and semiconductor layered systems: - - In the quantum Hall effect, SAW can be used to probe the dynamic conductivity of quasi two-dimensional electron systems at low temperatures and in high magnetic fields. - - Acoustoelectric effects prove the momentum transfer between the wave and an electronic system. - - The optical properties of a semiconductor quantum well can be significantly altered under the influence of a SAW. - - Charge storage in the lateral potential wells of a SAW and sound induced delay of photonic signals is demonstrated. - - Hybridization of a thin semiconductor film and a strongly piezoelectric insulator can be used to create a very intense sound wave leading to the dynamic creation of charged wires and to the occurence of strongly nonlinear interactions. - - Finally, the same hybridization technique led us to the realization of room temperature operating high frequency devices for remote sensing applications. Achim Wixforth