Colloquium on October 4, 2010

Wieslaw Krolikowski
The Australian National University

"Nonlocal Solitons"

In spatially nonlocal nonlinear media the nonlinearity in a particular point is determined  by wave intensity not only in the same point but also in its neighborhood. Therefore nonlocality tends to average out fast spatial modulation of the wave intensity. This has a profound consequences on wave propagation leading to such effects as collapse arrest and stabilization of multi-dimensional waves as well as supporting formation of higher-order solitons.

In this talk  I will  discuss some of the most relevant nonlinear nonlocal  models and the impact of nonlocality on wave dynamics. In particular,  I will  demonstrate that nonlocality supports formation of complex solitonic structures of different symmetries and enables stable propagation of rotating solitons, so called, azimuthons. I will also discuss the effect of interaction of solitons in nonlocal medium and show that nonlocality  provides and effective attractive force acting between solitons leading to the formation of their bound states.