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Chimera States: From Theory and Experiments to Technology and Living Systems

Scientific Coordinators: Jörn Davidsen, Yuri Maistrenko, Kenneth Showalter


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Quantum Chaos and Holography

Scientific Coordinators: Hong Liu, Anatoli Polkovnikov, Moshe Rozali


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Work with us!


The institute offers various opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs and faculty members.

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Public Outreach

Our public outreach program aims to make scientific results accessible to the general public. Active scientists speak about their recent work and explain it to a lay public with an interest in natural sciences, or to school children of different ages.

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Quantum Dynamics Seminar: Stochastic methodology for light-matter interaction

Stasis Chuchurka (DESY Hamburg)

18 May 2022, 04:30 PM Room 1D1

Title t. b. a.

Suchismita Das (MPI-PKS)

25 May 2022, 02:00 PM Seminarroom 4

Title t. b. a.

Joe Hutchinson (MPI-PKS)

01 Jun 2022, 02:00 PM Seminarroom 4


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