Simulating Quantum Many-Body Systems on Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Computers

We regret to announce that the workshop has to be re-scheduled due to the corona virus situation.

International Focus Workshop
March 13 - 14, 2020

Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) computers promise to perform computations beyond the reach of modern computers with far-reaching implications for scientific research. Due to remarkable technological advances, small scale devices are now becoming available for use. There has recently been a flurry of proof-of-principle experiments and many exciting theoretical proposals about how to use NISQ to simulate quantum many-body systems in and out of equilibrium. Current applications range from the simulation of far out-of-equilibrium dynamics to the study of topological phases of matter. This Focus Workshop aims to give an overview of recent theoretical and experimental developments within this young field and point towards the open questions.


  • Quantum computers and recent progress on hardware
  • Simulating dynamics of correlated quantum systems
  • Analogue quantum simulation
  • Entanglement and measurement of topological invariants
  • Tomographic methods
  • Efficient representation/creation of many-body quantum states
  • Quantum-Classical algorithms

Confirmed Invited Speakers

A. Elben, Innsbruck, AT
A. Green, London, UK
A. Kandala, Yorktown Heights, US
K. Khosla, London, UK
C. Knapp, Pasadena, US
J. Knolle, Garching, DE
B. Kraus, Innsbruck, AT
N. Linke, College Park, US
K. Satzinger, US   
U. Schneider, Cambridge, UK
M. Simmons, Sydney, AU
T. Tsunoda, Oxford, UK



Scientific Coordinators

Mohammad Hafezi
University of Maryland, College Park, USA

Adam Smith
TU Munich, Munich, Germany


Heike Walther
MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany


This focus workshop is for invited participants only. The registration fee for the workshop is 140 Euro and should be paid by all participants. Costs for accommodation and meals will be covered by the Max Planck Institute. Limited funding is available to partially cover travel expenses.



Thursday, March 12 (evening):
Registration and Welcome Reception

Friday, March 13 (morning) -
Saturday, March 14 (afternoon):
Workshop Program (including Poster Session)


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