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The institute offer licensed databases within the IP range, without extra passworts. To use the databases outside the institutes IP range, you need a VPN access.

Licensed databases of the institute can be researched in MPG. ReNa.

Futher information

Almost all reference databases have the - buttons. They lead to article full texts, if available. In case there is no licensed or free fulltext you get further information e. g. request the fulltext by delivery service.
All licensed databases and journals are accessible from within the IP range of the institute without login data. SFX only works within the IP range of the institute.

MPG/SFX Service in Google Scholar

Many researchers are using Google Scholar to search for sources but many of the articles you'll find are from sources which require a subscription for access. This subscription you always have to check at the library.

To make this easier the institute library participate in Google Scholar’s Library Linking program.

This means that when you do a search in Google Scholar you will be able to see what journals you have access to through library subscriptions both electronically and in print. If the library have no subsciption, the document can be directly requested via the institute library.

Within the institutes IP range the Library Access Links are automatically available. Otherwise you only have to save the institute in your Settings.

If a full-text is available you find the Library Access Link "Full-Text via MPIPKS" next to your results and if not then you find the link "MPG/SFX" below the meta data, when you click "more".

Please note, that because of incorrect bibliographic data, the identification of resources is not free of mistakes. But most of the results are covered.

How can you ctivate library access links?

To support your research you can contact the Central Information Service of the MPS CPT Section or the Central Information Retrieval Service of the BM Section.

Information about reference management systems you find here.

Further important ressources

Disseration & Thesis

Search Engines, Open Access Repositories

Free access databases

Other ressources