In appreciation of Martin Gutzwiller's seminal contributions to theoretical physics, which are particularly relevant for nonlinear dynamics in complex systems, the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (MPIPKS) annually awards the


to acknowledge and promote exceptional research in this field.

Experimental relevance of theoretical concepts has been one of the guiding principles behind Martin Gutzwiller's work and forms an important selection criterion for the fellowship.

The Martin Gutzwiller-Fellow will be invited to visit and work at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems for one academic year. Moreover, the offer allows for the simultaneous visit of a young collaborator (PhD student, postdoc) who will be supported by the Visitors' Program of the MPIPKS for the same or even a longer period.

The awardee will have full support in conducting research at the MPIPKS, including participation in seminars and workshops taking place at the MPIPKS.

Fellow (year) 2015/16: Prof. Dr. Eric Heller

Fellow (year) 2014: Prof. Dr. Peter Young
Award Ceremony - June 8, 2015
Fellow (year) 2012/13: Prof. Dr. Tsuneyoshi Nakayama
Award Ceremony - May 27, 2013
Fellow (year) 2011/12: Prof. Dr. Boris Altshuler
Award Ceremony - July 2, 2012
Fellow (year) 2010/2011: Prof. Dr. Yannis Kevrekidis
Award Ceremony - December 16, 2011
Fellow (year) 2009/2010: Prof. Dr. Serge Aubry
Award Ceremony - August 9, 2010
Fellow (year) 2008/2009: Prof. Dr. Juan M. R. Parrondo
Award Ceremony - September 21, 2009
Fellow (year) 2007/2008: Prof. Dr. Mahir S. Hussein
Award Ceremony - March 31, 2008
Fellow (year) 2006/2007: Prof. Dr. Steven L. Tomsovic
Award Ceremony - May 14, 2007
Fellow (year) 2005/2006: Prof. Dr. Lawrence S. Schulman
Award Ceremony - June 12, 2006
Fellow (year) 2004: Prof. Dr. Antonio Politi
Award Ceremony - April 18, 2005
Fellow (year) 2003: Prof. Dr. Raymond Kapral
Award Ceremony - May 26, 2003
Fellow (year) 2002: Prof. Dr. Alfredo Miguel Ozorio de Almeida
Award Ceremony - April 15, 2002
Fellow (year) 2001: Prof. Dr. Richard Prange
Award Ceremony - April 2, 2001
Fellow (year) 2000: Prof. Dr. Dominique Delande
Award Ceremony - September 11, 2000